Latest news 16. October 2014

In the early spring 2014, i have shot a short film called "I Love You" with a french director Pascal Viguié. It was a very pleasant experience.

During the spring & summer, i have worked as a 1.AC on a long shoot of TV series "Vinari", about wine makers in southern Moravia. The series was directed by Vojta Moravec and Dan Wlodarczyk, the DoP was Jan Drnek.

Right after this shoot, i've worked part time on a short Czech TV film by Karel Janak called "Rybicka", also pulling the focus.

Next project was a TV Cooking show for TV Prima called "Ted vari sef!" with famous czech chef Zdenek Pohlreich. After these projects i have shot couple of small corporate videos and my last project as a DoP was with director Matej Pichler. In two days with one day of quick post-production, we have done a music video for a rock band Birds and Wolves for a song "Ma":