Hrajeme s Alim (Let's play with Ali) 05. June 2015

I've just finished the first serie of a TV Gaming show "Let's pay with Ali" for Prima COOL TV. I have worked as a DP with my colleague cinematographer Jan Kosc and director Pavel Kopp on all episodes since episode 11 and i hope we've improved the visuals and content, compared to the original episodes.

You can watch the show here:

Agata 03. June 2015

Agáta feat. Gipsy

- New music video fo Agata Hanychova.

Directed by Jiri Hanych, DOP was Tomas Sysel and i've participated as a 2nd unit cameraman.

Freeride camps in Sulden 03. March 2015

I've just finished a couple of short videos from SKI and SNB freeride camps in Italy, organised by one of the best czech riders Robin Kaleta. Extreme shooting conditions, shot on Canon EOS 7D and couple of GoPros.

Sulden 2.-7.2.2015 from robinkaleta on Vimeo.

SULDEN 26.-31.1. 2015 from robinkaleta on Vimeo.

Taka Higashino: His Way 24. November 2014

My last project is now online. Short FMX film about rider from Japan - Taka Higashino. Director was Matej Pichler. I was working with my colleague cinematographer Marek Cihar.

Latest news 16. October 2014

In the early spring 2014, i have shot a short film called "I Love You" with a french director Pascal Viguié. It was a very pleasant experience.

During the spring & summer, i have worked as a 1.AC on a long shoot of TV series "Vinari", about wine makers in southern Moravia. The series was directed by Vojta Moravec and Dan Wlodarczyk, the DoP was Jan Drnek.

Right after this shoot, i've worked part time on a short Czech TV film by Karel Janak called "Rybicka", also pulling the focus.

Next project was a TV Cooking show for TV Prima called "Ted vari sef!" with famous czech chef Zdenek Pohlreich. After these projects i have shot couple of small corporate videos and my last project as a DoP was with director Matej Pichler. In two days with one day of quick post-production, we have done a music video for a rock band Birds and Wolves for a song "Ma":

Rossman - TV Commercial 17. April 2014

The new TV commercial, where i've pulled focus for the DoP Martin Klimpar is HERE! Shot with Arri Alexa and Cooke Primes. Director was Stepan Zalesak.

Brand New Showreel 03. March 2014

My new cinematography showreel is finally out!

Cinematography Showreel 2014 - ONDREJ HEROLD from Ondřej Herold on Vimeo.

Scott Sports & Ano trenére 03. March 2014

Currently, I'm working on Event videos for company Scott and shooting a new TV serie for Prima about football, stay tuned ;)

Rozchodový reggeaton 24. October 2013

A music video i worked on recently as a focus puller is out! Directed by Matěj Pichler, DoP was Michal Hůla.

Případ Andrey S. 14. October 2013

Two days ago, i was working on a teaser for up comming feature project of a director Jiří Diviš with DOP Jakub Šimůnek as a Red Epic DIT for Panavision Prague. I'm looking forward to see this film in production!

Týden komunikace - spot 14. October 2013

A month ago, I've worked as a 2nd AC on a cinema spot for "The Week of Communication":

Director: Jakub Štáfek, Cinematographer: Jan J. Filip, 1st AC: Martin Votruba

Recent works 08. October 2013

Short recap of my recent work:

Two feature films as a 2nd AC on the beginning of the summer, but not on the whole shoot:

"Nežné vlny" - directed by Jiří Vejdělek, DOP: Vladimír Smutný

"Tajemství a smysl života" - directed by Petr Vachler, DOP: Karel Fairaisl

Three projects during sempetmber as a 1st AC:

"Rozchodový reggetón" - music video of slovakian pop-singer Kristína, directed by Matěj Pichler, DOP: Michal Hůla

"Strejda" - short film directed by Marek Ciccotti, DOP: Jan Košč

"Chameleon" - short film by Dan Pánek, DOP: Jakub Jelen

And finally, i've shot a TV serie called "Desítka" for TV Nova as a camera operator, directed by Jiří Sádek, DOP: Tomáš Koucký and a showreel for a young actress Magda Dvorská for the same TV as a DOP, with director Lukáš Buchar.

Also i have directed and shot a short little dadaistic film "Lemons - Color Etude" as a part of my last MgA cinematography excersises for my graduation.

Currently, i'm working on a new show for Óčko TV called "BigSize" and few other projects are in progress!

References update 21. February 2013

References and project list updated according to my memory :)

Website reconstruction done! 20. February 2013

Finally, after long time, my website was redesigned and updated.

New Website 07. February 2013

New website comming soon!